The Life of a Fortnite Creative Game Tester
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Dec 07

The Life of a Fortnite Creative Game Tester

Becoming a game tester is probably one of the most exciting things you can do on the side! And of all the things I have done, I never thought that I would end up becoming a Game Tester/Playtester for Fortnite Creative Games at FCHQ!

If you are not familiar with what a Game Tester does, let me fill you in! A game tester is an individual who test video games to identify glitches and bugs that needs to be fixed. They provide valuable feedback to game developers who are seeking to ensure their game is up to standard before official release or publication. You can think of a Game Tester as someone who provides quality control for gaming developers while also providing feedback to ensure the best player experience.

It’s great to see creators develop interesting game modes, come up with an amazing new mechanic, or develop large beautiful worlds.


So What is it Like?

Being a Fortnite Creative Gametester/Play-tester is very fun! I get to play all types of games created
by Fortnite Creative Game Developers in the FCHQ (Fortnite Creative Headquarters) Community! I test maps once a week, usually on Sundays on my Youtube Channel:

Every week I get to play something new so it never gets old, lol. It’s great to see creators develop interesting game modes, come up with an amazing new mechanic, or develop large beautiful worlds.
In addition to this, I get the chance to provide feedback of my experience, letting the creators know what issues I ran into or what I really liked about the game. This type of feedback provides the creator with valuable insight that they could use to fix issues with their game, if there are any.

To give you a better idea of the workflow, it kind of goes something like this: Maps are assigned,
I take my assigned maps and test them live on my scheduled day, and then I write out my feedback.
Now sometimes, I will do solo play-testing prior to the scheduled day, or after to ensure I didn’t miss
any details. This is because during the live play-test, I try to focus on how other players are perceiving the map as well. I feel its best to take all this in and use what I have heard, seen and experienced on my own to form my full review of the game.

When I became a Playtest Team Leader for FCHQ!

Do You Get Nervous of Making Mistakes as a Game Tester?

When I first started, about a year ago, I wanted to ensure that I was as meticulous as possible, and I think for some maybe they thought it was over the top, lol. In fact, it was expressed to me by another play-tester at the time, that I was indeed doing too much. And that statement and the way it was projected did make me raise a brow. But, lol, I think that being meticulous was my sign of being nervous, and because I was meticulous, it prevented me from making errors and it opened my path to learning more.

I want to add that, I guess the most important thing to remember is that Fortnite Creative Play-testers are, in most cases, creators themselves, and with each test, we are learning more as we go along.

Regardless everyone is due to make a mistake here and there, and it is a natural thing even for a Game Tester/Play-tester. I guess what matters most is the ability to be professional, hold up to the mistake and correct it as soon as you can.

Being a Fortnite Creative Game-tester/Play-tester has not only taught me so much about myself, but has expand my knowledge of my own Fortnite Creative Game Development skills.

This is just a little snippet of what it is like to be a game-tester and I hope you have enjoyed the read so far!

Stay awesome & thanks for being here!
Keep it positive, Keep it Safe!

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