The Wild Mystics - Fortnite Character Concept Art


Avalora "The Whisper of the Wind": Raised in the verdant Vale of Whispers, Avalora was the daughter of the tribal chief, a respected figure known for his wisdom. Avalora, however, was always drawn to the untamed wilderness and its ethereal beauty. From an early age, she could read the wind, feel the rhythm of the rustling leaves, and understand the cryptic language of the forest. She soon found out she could manipulate the wind currents to her advantage, and began crafting weapons of sharp-edged leaves and thorns. Her weapon of choice became a whip fashioned from vines and feathers, with a bite as lethal as a windstorm. Her ability to communicate with birds made her the eye in the sky, always aware of incoming threats.

Thalara "The Beast Whisperer": Born under the shadow of the towering Ancientspine Mountains, Thalara was a child of the wild. Abandoned as an infant, she was adopted and raised by the beasts of the mountain - wolves, bears, and eagles alike. This peculiar upbringing gifted her an intimate understanding of animals and an innate ability to communicate with them. Thalara fights with a staff made from the spine of a fallen Ancient Tree, its ends adorned with tooth and claw of the wild beasts who raised her. She is a formidable presence on the battleground, commanding beasts to assist in the fight.

Seraphya "The River's Daughter": Hailing from the mystical Watersong Delta, Seraphya was birthed by the love between a humble fisherwoman and the enigmatic River God. The veins of the world flowed within her, and the ripple of every stream was her heartbeat. Using her water-bending abilities, she crafted a trident from coral, sharp as a shark's tooth and durable as the heart of the ocean. The amphibious creatures of the Delta, from otters to serpents, are her eyes and ears under the water, making her an expert in underwater and amphibious combat.

United by a shared destiny and the common purpose of defending their homelands, these three women - Avalora, Thalara, and Seraphya - became the Wild Mystics. They wield their natural prowess and their unique weapons to protect their lands, leaving every opponent they face awed and defeated. Their presence is as mythical as it is real, their might as feared as it is respected. Together, they form the perfect squad, wild, wise, and indomitably willful.

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