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The BubblePop Squad

Cheriz "Bubbly and Fun": Cheriz grew up in a tiny candy-coated town on the outskirts of Meta-Verse. The houses were made of marshmallows, the roads paved with gummy bears, and the rivers streamed with pink lemonade. She spent her days blowing the biggest bubblegums, aiming to break the world record. With her ever-optimistic and bubbly personality, Cheriz never misses an opportunity to lighten up the mood of her squad with her charming laughter and fun stories of her candy adventures.

Pika"Eccentric and Skillful": In the heart of Neon Jungle lies a mysterious district, where every building gleams with neon lights of all hues. Pika, with her distinct purple aura, is the uncrowned queen of this zone. An eccentric tech genius, she designs glow-in-the-dark gadgets that make enemies scratch their heads in confusion. Pika's favorite pastime? Chewing bubble gum while tweaking her designs and dancing to retro beats under the neon glows.

Bubble "The Daring Dreamer": Hailing from Breeze Bay, a coastal town with shimmering blue waters, Bubble was an ace surfer. But, the waves weren't her only love. She had an immense passion for crafting unique weapons and often got caught multitasking - chewing her favorite bubble gum, catching a wave, and testing out a new gun prototype all at once! The combination of her incredible skills and fun-loving nature made her a legend, and many travel to Breeze Bay hoping to catch a glimpse of the blue-haired marvel.

Realizing that each of their skills was formidable on its own, but combined, they could be unstoppable, the three decided to form a team. Cheriz, with her positivity, would be the spirit of the group. Pika, with her tech knowledge, would be the brains. And Bubble, with her sharp skills and strategic mind, would be the anchor. Named "Team BubbleGum" as an homage to their serendipitous meeting, the trio started making waves in the Fortnite Meta-Verse. From taking down big baddies to winning challenges, their combined strength, wit, and charm made them a force to reckon with.

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